About Us

The Meli Collection began with a lifelong love of art and evolved into a desire to turn that love of art into something tangible that everyone can enjoy. This collection is the realization of that desire.

Painting is my escape and brings me great joy and inner tranquility. The vibrant colors that define my artwork are an outward reflection of that joy and peace and I hope to share the passion and happiness art invokes within me through my creative collection.

Part of enjoying art also involves the ability to wear it and allow it to be an expressive representation of who you are. Art is a reflection of individual style and uniqueness and that uniqueness is visible in the way we dress, do our hair and in the accessories we wear.

This collection of accessories is an outward representation of what we all possess; vibrancy and individuality. This transformation of art into something utilitarian is a way for you to enjoy art and have it become part of your expression to the world. 

I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

Be bold,

The Meli Collection